One Delisle looks like a cross between the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, an artichoke, and an asparagus.





.fourth is developer rendering..

Haha, if it could only look like that
I personally dont see an issue with skipping floor numbers. The number of floors in the building remains unchanged, the only difference is the number on the elevator. If there were literal ghost floors you couldn't access that were just there unused. That would be both creepy and I'd say problematic lol. Otherwise I dont care.

This building does look kinda like asparagus tho lol
Has Slate built anything in the past? That would be my only worry here.

They're involved with upgrading the office tower street level presence for 3 of the 4 corners at the St. Clair & Yonge intersection. But One Delisle along with Junction House will be their first couple projects that they're building from start to finish.

I guess you can say they're working with a fresh Slate. ;)