And we’re above grade!
A frustrating story with a happy ending:

From last week:
Currently, we are on hold and waiting to pour a number of columns on the ground floor because the city has not yet issued our above-grade building permit. And the reason the city has not issued our above-grade building permit is because we have not yet conveyed our parkland dedication land to the city. Frustratingly though, we have been ready to convey this land for over a year! We simply need the city to allow us to give them this free land.

And the follow-up from yesterday:
I am now thrilled to report that, today at 12:14 PM, we received our building permit!
It is insane that a developer has to publicly shame the City to get progress on something like this -- and even more insane that the City had the capability to do it same day, but just wasn't doing it -- and even more insane that the City staff person complained about the post as if the developer (trying to give Parkland to the City, and build homes in a housing crisis) did anything wrong. Just an absolutely bats--t upside-down world we live in in Toronto, where City Planning and other approval gatekeepers think they're the good guys and developers are the bad guys.

Good for Brandon for calling this nonsense out in public. Shame on the City of Toronto for continually proving their incompetence and lack of urgency on housing and public space creation.