Today Aug 26th
First time noticing they demolished the school across the street. Any details on what’s going on there? No project on the UT map.
New Elm school building
I haven't posted here in years...but this is from today, off me's nice to post here knowing this proposal is now truly being built, even with a watered down design. Apologies for all the images, I ended up finding a few angles of this.View attachment 347730View attachment 347731View attachment 347732View attachment 347733View attachment 347734View attachment 347735View attachment 347736View attachment 347737View attachment 347738View attachment 347739View attachment 347740
Great shots, never apologize for lots of photos!
These are great filler / background buildings. Really appreciate the solid cladding, which will do wonders for the Mississauga skyline by adding some opacity.