Pernicious corporate elves.

I think I might split the difference in this debate.

I have no difficulty w/the underlying sentiment.

But, personally, I'm not a huge fan of symbolism, as I often think it akin to empty rhetoric.

It's often use not to compliment constructive action, but in lieu of it.

I'd be more impressed to hear about EY or Oxford properties hitting a 40% (or greater) level of female board representation; equal treatment of part-time staff
in both wages and benefits, provision of on-site, affordable childcare for staff etc. etc.

That said, the symbol itself is not bothersome in any fashion.


But since @Skeezix raised the point.....can we please get rid of this Santa BS! LOL

I've never understood the fascination of most adults w/telling their children lies..............

International Women's Day is hardly something the average person thinks of. It's definetaly a lefty/feminist thing.


EY Tower reflecting the EY Tower, yesterday from University Avenue:




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