Is construction of this tower starting soon? I noticed that the small building next to the Concourse Tower has begun demolition it looks like.
No. They're not starting construction. There were talks of that earlier.. I believe it's..restoration work....anyone?
I'll walk that way home. I believe the sign on the side of the building does have the word demo somewhere in the company name, but I think it also has the word restoration as well.
Though hardly an expert source, one of the demolition workers insisted the building beside the Concourse building is being demolished (which is well underway) to make way for the new office tower.

He said they were scheduled for 2 months of gutting (presumably non-original elements) and restoration of the Concourse, and the tower would begin after that.
The plan for that block was to demolish the Concourse too (but save the lobby and restore the facade of the rest of the building by grafting it onto a new structure). So no new tower is being built anytime soon if they are restoring the Concourse.

I can see how they would want to tear down that 4 or 5 story building to the west of the Concourse though. Ever since Winstons closed some years ago, its been empty.
maybe oxford gave a company like telus a good deal and they took it.but there is definately work happening there.i dont mind suprises especially in the form of a new tower.
They could finally be starting the galleria that would enclose the plaza in between the three buildings. There was a rendering floating around few years ago.
The old Winston's building is being demolished from what I could see tonight. The hoarding around the Concourse Building indicates renovation and not demolition.

On a side note there's a new door at 1 King for the Starbucks.
The Concourse Building seems to have avoided death thanks to the lack of demand for office space in the last few years. I guess that's one positive aspect of the higher office vacancy rates we've been seeing. It still boggles the mind that it was even being considered for demolition.
The parts they're going to demolish aren't worth saving. They're going to save the facade. The rest is just a warren of low ceilinged cramped out of date offices.
It's still usable office space, it's just not 'Class A.'
The facade preservation approach is pathetic.
The parts they're going to demolish aren't worth saving. They're going to save the facade.

The original plan was to demolish most of it.
Noticed this morning that things are getting more advanced; the terra cotta facing atop the SE corner of the Concourse was removed.

Again, can't tell whether it's for "restoration" or "reconstruction". (Or maybe for some horrible foot-in-the-door in-between status where a denuded-for-safety's-sake Concourse makes do until demolition time...)
I have a pic here of a massive banner from Priestly Demolition hanging off the side of the Richmond Adelaide Centre. I'm having trouble posting it here.