Anyone heard any updates lately? Phase 1 plan was revealed last July 28. I wonder if they’ll follow a similar timeline for Phase 2? I’m somewhat surprised they haven’t shared more given all the new premium seating the sales team needs to move…
Someone on Reddit shared this possible leak:
Tighter foul territory, angled seats, etc.

It has also has the multiple tiers behind home plate, which I suggested they'd likely do (and which one could infer from the stories that have come out from longtime season ticket holders).

If it's not exact, I expect it's pretty close to that.

If they're leaving the accessible seating where it is (behind 100,basically in the concourse) that's pretty crappy for a 2024 design, IMHO.
Is there a way someone could compare it now to that? To get the whole perspective of the idea of the new 100-level seating?

I assume that exposed concrete will be turned into for walking accessibility? Maybe find a way to expose more light into that section as well?
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Is there a way someone could compare it now to that? To get the whole perspective of the idea of the new 100-level seating?

I assume that exposed concrete will be turned into for walking accessibility? Maybe find a way to expose more light into that section as well?

Decently different if you compare it to this years (The Athletic)

the sections just beyond the dugouts still look straight out...hopefully they atleast angle the seats otherwise this misses the mark. They should also add in some accessible platforms here and there instead of just up in the 100 concourse. now that they've opened up under the seats for boxes and what not, you can make a row of accessible seating closer as well (take the tunnel to the seats). no other surprises here. more rows of premium seats behind the dish. There might be some premium areas up near the final rows of the 100 level as well. Comerica Park has "the Tigers Den" which are nice wooden patio chairs in the top 4 rows of their lower level. each chair has a table between them, there are only 2 or 4 chairs in a row and hten a bar separating it which means you won't get bothered with people moving in and out of the rows and blocking your views.
Just watched the new video the Blue Jays released on this. Looks exactly like what many of us were expecting, and I certainly hope this phase is true to these renderings of continuing the turf pattern into foul territory.

Toronto, Ontario

July 27, 2023


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Media kit with renderings available here.

The Toronto Blue Jays today announce new renovation details for the reimagined 100 level seating bowl at Rogers Centre, opening for the 2024 season as part of the next phase of ballpark renovations.

The current 100 level seating bowl and structure (from foul pole to foul pole) will be fully demolished at the end of the 2023 season and rebuilt to introduce a modern ballpark experience designed specifically for baseball viewing, bringing Blue Jays fans even closer to the action. Fans will enjoy a dramatically new 100 level seating bowl experience, in addition to the three new premium clubs and seating sections previously announced in April.

Key features of the new 100 level seating bowl include:

  • A more comfortable experience with additional legroom, modern-shaped seats with slats on the back that provide more airflow, wider seats between the dugouts, cupholders throughout, adaptable raisable armrest options, and handrails in every aisle.
  • Greater variety of seating options including different vantage points from new sections, accessible field level seats, plus the previously announced premium seating experiences.
  • Designed specifically for baseball viewing with seats oriented towards the infield, improved sightlines with less obstruction, and new seats closer to the action as a result of the remodelled bowl structure.

To introduce a new and wider variety of 100 level seating options that are closer to the action and oriented towards home plate, foul territory will be reduced by approximately 3,000 square-feet total, between the middle of the infield dirt (just past the bases) to before the warning track on both sides of the diamond.

“Our goal from the onset of renovations was to transform Rogers Centre from a stadium to a ballpark, and we are excited to build off the enthusiasm and popularity of the new Outfield District in this next phase of projects,” said Mark Shapiro, President & CEO, Toronto Blue Jays. “By completely rebuilding the 100 level seating bowl, we are introducing an authentic ballpark viewing experience, with sightlines designed specifically for fans to enjoy Blue Jays baseball.”

Season Ticket Members have first access to seats in the new 100 level, in addition to guaranteed access to ALL 2023 Blue Jays postseason home games. 2024 memberships go on sale today at, and feature many additional benefits including payment plans to fit your budget.

The next phase of construction begins at the end of the 2023 season and the Blue Jays look forward to continuing to share renovation updates as construction gets underway. Fans and media can explore the multi-year Rogers Centre renovations at
looks like the party suite in right field is back in the pics. i thought they cut it when it didn't show up in the OF renovations.
I’m not that impressed with this phase. Maybe when more detailed renderings come I can see it better, but doesn’t seem all that much better to me.