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Bay-Adelaide North at 32 storeys should be online soon - although it's just a mini version of the other 2 towers
Who knows how soon 'soon' is though. Days, weeks, months away? All of those could be soon.

'Should be online soon' means...website up with renders, or?

Unfortunately, I don't think it will matter in terms of hoping for a creative/new design for the building as it seems this building will be a blue box (like the two prior buildings), except for that it'll be shorter; essentially, it'll be a Southcore-type box. What does interest me a bit is who will be the lead tenant for this tower and when. Too bad they didn't go for something different for this site, like a cylindrical tower, for example.... sigh.
Yeah, agreed. I'm still befuddled as to how architecture can be so uninspired that the designs could be made in Microsoft Paint. I understand that money has much to do with it, but something still doesn't seem to add up.
There are lots of architects who passionately believe that simpler is better, and in the case of this building, that would be Bruce Kuwabara of KPMB. While I consider many KPMB buildings to be wonderful, I think that this tower (and Kuwabara's Southcore Financial Towers) to be too minimal, too dull!

Southcore is a greatly undervalued contribution in this age of flamboyance in engineering but, the jury is still out on Bay Adelaide 2. It definitely needs to outshine the first tower to be in the class of southcore.

Sounds like the rezoning is going through soon. I'd be surprised if it's more than that now that the direction has changed to more office.
There is so much office space—existing, under construction, and especially proposed—on the market now, I would not be surprised if Bay Adelaide North slipped further than the end of next year. That's far enough off that they are essentially saying "we don't know, law of supply and demand says that in 20 months time there should be enough demand again for us to float another boat", but who knows which buildings will find the tenants they need to get going next.

It'll be messy as the loading docks for the Bay building are directly underneath where the tower will stand - which would have to stay operational during construction.
Unless they build on the foundations for the tower that was intended for that site in the original late '80s incarnation, assuming that Thomson had them built when the garage and loading docks were built.
End of next year is more likely now

Hi, do you know what the potential size of this tower could be (or if there's some cap)? I ask because I remember reading somewhere that up to 500K sq. ft. of office space is possible for this site (might have been Brookfield's own website) but if this tower will be a typical 32 storey tower, then its size should be around 700-800K sq. ft., correct? Thanks!