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nice dt. here's two i found posted on ssp by caltrane. Pics are by Kanuck54 at flickr. Cityplace looks amazing in this shot!

Another posted by caltrane. this one by anotherfacemobile at flickr
This isn't a good panorama, but taken from a great perspective:

I'm partial to having at least one church spire in the shot:

(click on the photos for the Flickr user)
I don't recall seeing the Crystal from above like that. Great shot!
Long time lurker, first time poster. Here are a couple of my skyline shots.


(Shot from the Tower at Casa Loma. I am guessing BuildUp in Post #2 shot from the same location)


(Shot from Tommy Thompson Park. Little black objects are mosquitos, damn things ruined the photo)
great first post tony (especially the second pic). welcome to the forum.
Mostly lurker here too. I took this a few years ago from The Docks area, before they decided to colour up the CNTower. I have better night time shots which I seem to have lost. That night I was playing with different settings on the camera and have quite a few shots that are good. Now if I could only remember what I did with them.

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