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Ahhhhh how did you get inside Tower Automotive??? Were these photos taken before the ground floor was boarded up? The linseed factory is always my top choice for urban exploration. Nice shots!

I actually went into Tower with permission from the owners, though many have been through without :)

Complete galleries from those visits:
December 2009
October 2011
February 2012

This is so epic. this is that skyline shot that makes Toronto look so perfect and balanced. skylinegasm!

AMAZING photos across the board. esp that panorama! I believe Flickr allows for some pretty large images.
from today






Not a picture but a video of Toronto's southwestern skyline evolution over 6 months.


Sorry if this is a bit shaky, this is a raw output from the camera with no post-processing.
Where was this taken, and how did you get the water to come out in that lovely colour?

This was taken from Humber Bay park, the west part. The water came out to be that color because at the time, it was alot darker than the picture makes it out to be, the long exposure just managed to capture every bit of light coming from the horizon, eliminating any blue left in the sky.

Of course, some color boosting was done during the processing process.

That's a beautiful shot!

Thanks :)

Two more from the same vantage:

Glow Pt 1: Sunrise by Empty Quarter, on Flickr

Glow Pt 2: Sunset by Empty Quarter, on Flickr