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this shot is also incredible! wow! all the current development (ICE) and the future Theatre Block projects will be insane! where the 3 towers are wasted from the east/west (you'll only really see 1 tower), from the north/south, all 3 will be visible at their amazing height, and visible density will not be wasted.
*100 Adelaide will also look great from here (although short, it's design could end up being our One Bryant Park)
beautiful! that shot seems to look good no matter what the lighting/colour. shots like these really make Toronto look classy. and this is probably the first shot where I'll say I really want to see Oxford Place become a reality. not a huge fan of their designs, but in a shot like this (perspective wise and lighting) I'd like to see it happen.
from today


Awesome pics, especially the one facing south and Queens Park, not may skyline shots from that direction, looks amazing, thanks!
Found this online today

Awesome ronnie. How did you get such a crisp shot with an 18-55mm lens? Stunning