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Very nice, damn it's growing, back in the Stone Age, when I was a kid, Mississauga didn't have any of these building, amazing!
There's also Panorama at the Manulife Centre. I agree that we need a new super tall. Not because I think having a building over 300m is important, but because I'd like to see a new "tallest" for the city. FCP has had the title forever!

I'd like to see a supertall that just dominates in every category in the city. Oxford Place is basically it, but FCP's antennas are still taller.
a 400m tower wouldn't be so bad :)

beautiful skyline pics everyone btw!
Cool photo^ Thanks for sharing Goldie. It would be interested to see a similar photo taken more recently. A lot has changed since that image was shot
Great shot, rpeters. I really hope we get some more development on Yonge and the rectangular area between Bay/Yonge College/Bloor. Also, developing those annoying parking lots just N of city hall (and the area around Greyhound) would be nice. Add a few more buildings on Church, and that view will really change!

I think Aura (and Massey, if approved) sets a great precedent. It's really going to help join the downtown and Yorkville skylines, especially from a distance, where trees and our numerous land elevation changes can hide the smaller buildings from Queen to Bloor.