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Since moving to Toronto from London (UK) in 2006 I've been involved in writing and producing indie film. As a long time member of UT, my love of all things tall-building related shows heavily in my work, and lots of the imagery and CGI have been directly inspired by UT.

We are currently working on a sci-fi film/webseries and we've entered the trailer into CineCoup, which is a contest to win a million bucks in finance and distribution from Cineplex. We've shot approx 1/3 of the movie so far, and we're keen to spread the word and the new trailer.

You can check out the trailer at

A Toronto skyline from the "not too distant future" features, along with some other landmarks you might recognize. Cheers all!
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I took this today from Highway 7. I wouldn't exactly call it a 'skyline shot', but squint closely and you'll see some landmark buildings. Aura squeezes it's way in between Scotia Plaza and FCP to the left, with Minto Midtown/Quantum immediately left of the CN tower, and of course Hallmark Centre/NYCC in the middle.
The view would be captured much better if it was taken with an actual camera with a zoom lens (only had my phone on me) but the view is still very much visible in person with the naked eye.

From Tommy Thompson Park this morning