In my opinion the lighting looks fantastic. I really like this tower and think it's a welcomed addition to our core.
Imagine if they spelled it "TRUM" and had no room for the "P". Kinda like Homer Simpson's "DISCO STU[D]" situation

On the south side, it's currently just "MP." Aren't those guys supposed to be in Ottawa voting right now?
I was driving East on the Gardiner and saw TRUMP testing the lighting - colours were switching from green, purple, red, blue - pretty much all the colours that you see on the CN tower. It wasn't just the spire that was lit up, the colours were changing from the bottom up. At first I thought it was the CN Tower's lighting. Looks great!
Select your favourite lightsaber colour... lol


Click for the Larger Size Image

I was quite impressed with the light display this evening. These pics do not do it justice. It went through a half dozen colours, very bright and rich. It was quite amazing, IMO. I also shot some video, which I may post later depending on how it turns out.
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oh. my. god. it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!! ^
wow, had no idea it had so many colours. THIS is iconic, and THIS will make it's mark on the skyline from miles away. freaking intense. all 280m+ of it!!!!!!
Can someone remind me how to upload pics again? its been a while...

Here is the link to a bunch I took from the roof of the Trump lighting from afar....Pls excuse the quality, I forgot a tripod and I am not the best photog...

_b.jpg is a must to your link for a full size photo here You need [ img ] your link here with b [ /img ] close the excess space as it will not show up here like it should.
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From my POV (not so good from the north looking south) -

Is it just me, or does the LED strip on the spire not even align with the strip running up the tower... wow...

If you look at the daylight pics on the previous page you will notice that the spire above the dome doesnt have panels covering the LEDs yet. Im assuming if/once those panels are in place the light will be diffused and the line will look straight
Also, in dt's photo's only the north-east quadrant of the spire is lit up, not the north-west quadrant which would line up with the rest of the LED strip.
To be honest I'd choose between Mace Windu, Obi Wan or just plain white. The Lime Green just looks a bit off to me and the Red makes it look like a guyed communications mast.
June 14
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