Logo from the 46th floor of the BAC


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SWEET AND NEVER*BEFORE SEEN angle hihihi ^^^^^!!!!!
wow, really cool seeing Trump up close like that from so high up.

also equally cool is seeing the corner LED's that high up,
Different decade, same bad architect. What happened to the Zeidler who did this?

Zeidler has done some great stuff in the past. I rather like the Rogers buildings, Trump, not so much.
I'm sure there are laws that prevent exactly this kind of thing happening - namely shining an intense blue light into your home.

There won't be compensation, just a sternly worded letter about turning the sign off.

Just an offhand guess here, but potentially an action in nuisance.
Imagine if they spelled it "TRUM" and had no room for the "P". Kinda like Homer Simpson's "DISCO STU[D]" situation
The scaffolding is now almost all gone from the north side of the dome. It's all looking mighty sharp! As for the TRUMP logos, although I like the look of the text/font/colour, I'm wondering if there will even be that many vantage points from the north side where all five letters will even be visible at the same time?
I saw lights being tested at the bottom of the onion dome on Tuesday night. They were white, going on & off and changing brightness levels.
beautiful pic ^
the dome is the sharpest looking thing ever on the skyline.

and ya, this view woulda been PERFECT if Trump didn't have those strips of lime green spandrel. just looking at the dome, and how it doesn't have any of those strips, now picture that for the entire tower and it's a jewel

dark grey strips woulda been nicer (and they already have them but they're below the lime green spandrel)...
Trump is testing its lights from top to bottom. I have pics, and will upload shortly. They are all shot from Allen and Glencairn area. (Ridelle Ave)

Haven't uploaded pics in a while so hopefully this doesn't mess up...
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And that's what kills it for me, those lime/puke green strips of random size.
The crows nest and mechanical box also both look out of place, but they aren't as obviously of a flaw as those panels are.