I'm still speculating but, any interest by Great Eagle here shows confidence that the 33 Gerrard proposal, a site they owned for 30 years, is more than a zoning exercise.
Even if Trump did well as a president, he will still be crude and offensive. Not the kind of mystique you want for a luxury hotel and condo.
Toronto is missing a W Hotel, but it would require substantial remodelling to transform this hotel that's appropriate to W Hotel's contemporary aesthetic.
So let's say Trump actually did well as a president. Is Toronto going to regret losing his name?

I suppose it doesn't matter since the sale is all business?

...and the moon is a space ship sent to spy on our development. Chances are the world won't end under him so he should perform better than expected. He's too involved with himself to do well as president though. He's be very good for us development watchers.

Looks like they were briefly testing the light line again. I was going to get closer for a better pic but they turned it off as I was walking there. Anyone have any idea what is going on with this? Seems like they test it every now and then but that's it.


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