They would certainly be better as a pair of smart black towers but I'd also love to see some kind of tapering action as they rise.
Oh wow! Imagining those in black takes them from meh, to very very interesting.

Simply re-imagining the proposed towers in black is insufficient. The materials should be reflective of the chosen form, not merely considered as interchangable element.

I think these views are new... the bases of the 300-metre towers, I suppose?





From the OPA and rezoning docs.

Do we have a thread for those towers?


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Oh look, the buildings are offset in the middle (referring to page 1 renderings). How original.
I don't even think the floorplates change, the balconies just flip direction. :/
I think the renderings look sharp but the fact that they just look so much like Ice really takes away from their impact.
Agreed that I'd love to at least see what they'd look like in a reflective black finish, it could be really cool!
I like the alleyway down the middle keeping the current bridge (which has some marginally interesting details). If it's anything more than a drive way, it could be a very interesting space.

Wished they reinterpreted the LCBO building a bit more- it's a blank slate which offers a lot of opportunities for intervention.
Terrible, bland architecture. This area deserves better.

I couldn't agree with you more! The waterfront should expose the very best architecture for the city to view from the lake. Instead there putting up cheap quality structures. Those two towers being proposed look like the Ice condos. Not to mention some more blue green glass with white balconies. All in the name of putting 10 to 20 thousand people in this development.
Yup, my first, fleeting impression was also that they'd mistakenly submitted an Ice graphic for the site! Ice is (was) fine as a stand alone, but this project, along with the proposed adjacent Star lands, is really going to contribute to how Toronto projects itself in it's built form to the world(and our own view of it) for decades and generations to come. The bar should be set as high as possible in terms of form and materials used. Other "world class" cities seem to have gotten past the blue-green spandrel trap and some to have avoided it altogether, but for some reason, Toronto, and the Southcore in particular, seems perpetually mired in it! I'm reluctant to get too critical at this point as this is only a site plan but I have to admit in the grand scheme of things it's becoming a bit discouraging. We all need to demand better from developers, architects and city officials!
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Tall version of Brant Park plopped on top of a Waterworks post-industrial "integration", a mega-cheap copy of QRC West, and a near-identical facsimile of Ice, all-in-one for the low price of one of the most prominent remaining parcels in the city.