Today. Looks like they're working on the 37th floor of the south tower.


This parking lot and the next big lot to its east needs to be a sports field similar to the one at Cherry Beach. It says a lot that Church Street school sports field is ram packed with people from 7 am to 9pm looking for a tiny patch to stretch, toss the football around, do yoga, etc. and all of it's designated for school use/children. Adults are not supposed to be using it unless accompanied by a child. It could be 3 times bigger and still get heavy use. What happens when the school year starts? One shouldn't have to travel 3 km away to Riverdale to find another suitable spot. And what happens when this area population doubles?

City planners go on and on about. the need for more recreational space and parks but instead of barring development till lots like this can be acquired, the City approves buildings to go up instead. We only have a few opportunities left to secure spots for sports fields and parks so its exasperating watching this all unfold. I suppose they'll put buildings on this lot instead and then throw in a tiny bit of green space and call it a success.

The gay community alone has about 9 football teams, 9 softball teams, soccer teams, track and field, etc. and every single one of these teams has to travel miles away to play. Then there's tennis, 30+ volleyball teams, the swim club, water polo.... it goes on and on. None of these have any place close either. There needs to be 2-3 football sized playing surfaces right here. These things matter for quality of life and building strong communities.
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