Pic taken May 12, 2012

it's like 12 or 13 on the north side (Front), not sure on the east side (Church)

Thanks Carturo! I knew the Front st. retail was double height, I guess I am curious about the church street since there is that dip downhill and how it's addressed.

Since the first level is retail I would hope the ceiling height would be at least 10'.
Hello everyone just discovered this site. Thanks to everyone posting the updated pics. My wife and I bought in the Berczy and everytime we go by the site we always forget to take a pic. Now that they have made grade how quickly do you think they will get up? We have a terrace unit on the 6th floor.
Seems reasonable. Watching the Fly building going up beside the Element (where we live now) and they seem to be moving pretty fast. Trying to figure out if we will loose our view here or not we face west and on the 19th floor it "was" a pretty spectacular unobstructed view.
44 weeks to occupancy...at least thats what the letter says!!!!


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These might be silly questions but I am new to construction....

Attached is the photo I took today. I am a bit confused. Is the first floor along Church St. considered 2 floors? I am on the 5th floor and I am just trying to get an idea on how high I will be. From what I understand the residential units begin on the 3rd floor.

It looks like the Church St. side has a second floor for the two story units, and the Front St. is double lobby height. So if this is true it would mean they are working on the second floor on the Church St. side and the 3rd on the Front St. side. And this must mean the two story units entrance is on the upper floor.

Also, how do they handle ceiling height for the slope down in Church St.?


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