There were so many doubters of Mizrahi. Looks like they all have an egg on their face today. :)
Haha, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the City, Banks, and Covid keep their paws off this development as it moves on;)
As I live in the area, I’m kinda hoping it gets shut down relatively soon.
Not permanently, per se. but until all this Covid stuff is over.

…Because it would appear the workers in that area are *all over* the nearby grocery stores getting food, seemingly all the time. And it would appear none of them feel the social distancing rules need apply to them.

Yeah, the unions may be worried about safety, but the a-holes I’ve interacted with from local constructions *aren’t*, as they visit these stores in groups, pay no attention to how close they’re getting to other individuals, etc.

There’s no reason half the stuff that’s still being worked on absolutely needs to continue. In fact, rushing to finish up anything retail before this ends is laughable in its futility.
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