I assume that exposed rebar can only be left to rust for so long.

They have a permit to do the pour so it’ll be covered in concrete tonight. It’s the above ground portion that may not be granted a permit for months to come until this is over.
The big pour occurred last night and is now done.
I know theres been debate over this but would we say this is at grade now? Or is it still a few feet below street level?
Technically it’s a bit below grade but that’s just because the apple store will have a false floor to allow utilities to run. This is the grade slab that was poured.
Even if this does get caught up in the shutdown it's going to go up fast when work starts up. That's not going to take them long to stand those columns, so we'll see it jump three floors in a matter of days.
I don’t know why this feels so relieving to see. I guess seeing all that exposed rebar and iron work felt so unfinished. With the new construction limitations, The One will probably be stopped for months. Only permits prior to April 4 could procede.

Agreed. I'm much more comfortable with the site sitting like this for months