This Beer Store location is now closed. Another suburban eyesore about to die.
Super location. Where will those older portuguese dudes get to sit, now?

Always found it hilarious to see a dozen of them just sitting on that concrete divider smoking (and likely somewhat inebriated) every semi-warm evening as if they're in Europe! Hopefully the new development will have an area for them to continue that tradition.
Some of those dudes had Dads that were sitting around those parts in the late50s-60s. If they could be accommodated; wouldn't that be swell.

Shout out to the legend who still wheels around in his motor scooter with a couple Portuguese flags in his front basket. And the OG's outside various sports bars who rock Portugal and Raptors Championship gear together on any given day.
Updated architectural plans and renderings from Jan. 8 resubmission:

Fieldgate Homes + IBI Group: 8 storeys

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I like the mix of brick and glass, and how the difference in materials make the glass portion optically recede. So in this rendering, the brick portions almost look like two separate buildings - a taller "5 storey" one to the south, and a shorter "3 story" one to the north.

Not sure if in real life it will have the same effect, but I do like how it seems to break down the overall mass of the building nicely.