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Mike Layton is hosting a pre-application consultation for this property (the former Quality Meats Slaughterhouse) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

Easton's Group bought the property back in October 2015 for $37.5 million.


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They're developing under the name Gupta Group these days.

It's amazing how the downtown industrial areas are being transformed into residential and commercial lands. I was wondering if all of the lands bordering the streets of Tecumseth, Niagara, Wellington, Strachan ave. and cn rail. are going to be developed one day. If so into what, and do you think they would save some of those industrial brick buildings from the heritage act? We need some of those old structures to give the area some character. Being close to Old Fort York. I think all the new structures being built in the area should have some form of Victorian flare to the buildings to blend in with the Fort York district!
I would have preferred if the city took hold of the land for a future extension of Front Street. It would have made for a great alternative alignment (since they abandoned the original alignment by allowing development to proceed at the railway triangle).

But of course the city is pretty miserable at planning things these days, so I'm sure the though never crossed their minds.
I was able to be at the meeting for the first forty minutes before heading over to the Joe Cressy meeting on the 8 - 20 Widmer project. IBI / Page & Steele are the architects on the 2 Tecumseth project. A review of the Niagara South precinct plan and the context of the 2 Tecumseth lands was presented by City Planning. The initial part of the Easton / Gupta presentation addressed the massing strategy for the site. Of note, the western part of the site is not planned to be developed, but to be integrated with the City's overall park plan for the area. In terms of massing for the building - the plan for the area identified an overall building envelope consisting of mid-rise along the south edge of the area which could be developed, and moving up to a taller point at the south west end. the building envelope would taper down towards the north of the site, as it approached the existing residential context on Niagara. As appears to be normal these days - the developer took the overall envelope as a right to build framework, which would be a totally impractical slab of a building. Sections were cut away to open up the structure into two mid rise and one taller tower, adding back the space which had been cut out from the mid sections of the structure to the tops of the tower components. Still, at the south end of the project, the overall building heights appeared to be fairly modest, if I recall correctly, eleven stories for the east and centre wings, and sixteen stories for the west tower.

Two other notes - mention was made of the requirement for a twenty-five meter set back of sleeping accommodation from either the railway corridor (I think that was what was said), or from the closest rail line - not sure which, and the degree to which the difference is material would depend on how much buffer land is contained within the rail corridor itself. Secondly, a portion of the property extends to the south side of Niagara - the intention is use the piece of the property with the Niagara frontage for townhouses, consistent with the rest of the homes along Niagara.
One year later - apparently, the 2 Tecumseth site has been sold by the Gupta Group to TAS. TAS held a Meet The Developer meeting yesterday (January 28, 2017) at 100 Niagara Street (unfortunately not able to go). From the invite which was circulating:

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Interesting news—sorry I missed the meeting too!

They are gearing up right now for sales at 299 Campbell (at Dupont) as well, another Teeple design.

This is a hugely important site and I'm glad to hear it's in better hands now.

There are a lot of interesting things going on in the area:
Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.59.30 AM.png

28 Bathurst, owned by Build Toronto, is the proposed shipping container market that was in the news recently. 89 Niagara is the Coffin Factory building, proposed for redevelopment in 2014, dormant since. The unlabelled portion north of 2 Tecumseth is the Wellington Destructor, future community hub. 53 Strachan is a city-owned property, the eastern portion of which will become the southern extension of Stanley Park, connecting to the Garrison Crossing (the artist formerly known as the Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge).

My wish list for this property? I'd like to see space set aside along the south perimeter for an eventual extension of the Railpath to Bathurst (and beyond via the Rail Deck Park). I'd also hope to see some coordination with the planning for the Wellington Destructor lands, to ensure that whatever gets built there is fully integrated into this development. Given the size of this property, I would expect to see significant on-site parkland dedication, likely in the western half. And of course I'd like to see exceptional architectural design, which is actually a possibility now that it's in TAS' hands.


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Next meeting coming up; image from Layton's site:



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