From the Niagara Neighbourhood Now (NNNow) Facebook group.

2 Tecumseh – TAS provided a full reveal of their vision on April 29 at their third and last conversation with the neighbourhood, prior to its submission to the City in May for a rezoning to the site. The rezoning application will seek to address the issue of height and usage laid out for this site by the South Niagara Plan and pave the way for TAS to create the development they feel best addresses their vision of offering a mix of commercial, residential and social spaces, with, at its heart a building a tower higher than that currently permitted.

Conversing with nearby residents and discovering their priorities has allowed the TAS team to make several design decisions that offer many instances for neighbours to feel relieved. The maintenance of the laneway that runs behind the Niagara row, for instance, as well as the maintenance of the heritage stack. The establishment of a garden and pavilion entrance way to the site on Niagara means that the street will not only provide purpose (a pedestrian entrance way), but will be aesthetically pleasing. The historic building on the east side – appreciated for its past and massive interior, repurposed and built up and leased for commercial mix of market-priced commercial spaces as well as maker spaces/studios will also play host to growing opportunities for food (a decision that not only reflects past usage of the site, but also the company’s philosophy on the importance of local food production.) The tower – 30 storeys and clad in Toronto’s iconic red brick– will offer a mix of affordable and higher-priced units. The second residence and third structure will be built where the barns now stand, with follow the other two buildings and will be on pedestals to allow sightlines through to Fort York.

There will be bike lanes and pedestrian walkways. And yes, it will, on completion, in say 8 years, bring a new vibrancy and increased foot, bike, and dare we say, auto traffic, to the neighbourhood. The scope of the vision may alarm many who have enjoyed the neighbourhood’s once snooze, but there were no naysayers at yesterday’s meeting regarding the “vision”. Used to seeing the same old being built in and around our heritage neighbourhood, it was as if many understood that this is a development built for tomorrow, that will, if it lives up to its promise, honor the neighbourhood and its past in several different ways while presenting something vibrant and new. Developer: TAS. Architect: KPMB. Landscape: Public Works.


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Very nice.

Normally a typical cut-rate developer would simply call the building too far gone and clear the site for a Liberty Village-esque megablock, so this is the sort of contextural nuance I'd love to see more of in this city.

That being said, I hope they do have a traffic plan for the site since it's pretty much an interior block.
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Not sure how I missed this - looks very interesting for sure - although I'm counting about 38 floors in the tower not the 30 referenced above.
A little better idea of whats planned

Ward 19 - Tor & E.York District

Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment to facilitate redevelopment of the site with a multiple-building campus:

Building 1 is proposed to be an adaptive-reuse of the former abattoir structure to house market and retail uses at grade and second levels (5,616 sq.m.) with an 11-storey addition above housing a total of 23,047 sq.m. of office space.
Building2 is proposed to be a 38-storey mixed-use building (27,391 sq.m. of residential GFA, 3,936 sq.m. of office GFA and 1,052 sq.m. of retail GFA).
Building 3 a 15-storey mixed-use building (23,510 sq.m. of residential GFA and 1,404 sq.m. of retail GFA)
Building 4, 2 storey retail building, 1066.4 sq. m. GFA to be located at 125 Niagara Street,
Building 5 1-storey building providing covered access to the below grade parking areas and concourse level along with accommodating 235 sq.m. of retail, and restaurant uses.
Building 6 is proposed to be a 176 sq.m. kiosk building.

Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
OPA & Rezoning 17 264041 STE 19 OZ Nov 17, 2017 Under Review