Go? Hmm. Never?

I believe that station is one of the top 3 busiest fire stations in North America - if not the busiest - they answer over 17,000 calls a year
Any sort of redevelopment would require moving the station off site for a couple of years. It will happen but, doubtful anytime soon. Too much property to redevelop in the area.
They might as well add a built-in telescoping supertall ladder to their roof, no need to get in a truck. In fact, it could be a pivoting version of Springfield's escalator to nowhere.


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Wouldn't intensification only further justify the need to have a fire station here anyway?

Of course. That's why the station would have to moved off site for a number of years for a new one to be built as part of a larger mixed use development. Probably looking at a phased development for the entire city block to allow for a temporary station to operate within the same area.
I could only see it moving to a new permanent site nearby. Why go to the expense of building a temporary one? And who would want to move into a condo tower with a fire station built in below? It's not a selling feature. Maybe the base of a new office tower, maybe. (388 King West?)

Well, it would come down to the developer's land holdings in the area. I agree a fire hall on the ground floor of a condo tower would not be a selling feature but, the units would sell nevertheless. The mixed income development incorporating the Eau Claire Fire Hall in Calgary came to mind when the discussion shifted to the fire hall and what could become of it. The truck entrances are right below the condo tower.
From today's Joe Cressy Ward 20 Contituents' Newsletter:

Pre-application Development Consultation - Tuesday April 7, 7-8pm, Metro Hall, 55 John Street

This meeting will present a development proposal for 19 Duncan St. There will be an opportunity for questions and comments from the audience.
This project appears to be getting off to a reasonably quick start. Westbank and Allied closed the acquisition of the 19 Duncan site just over two weeks ago (February 10th), and Allied's secondary offering for $86 Million, which closed on February 2, was stated as being, in part, for the purpose of funding the 19 Duncan Street redevelopment.
When is that fire station on Adelaide gonna go? With all the intensification it really starting to seem out of place. All the new builds even 30+ up can hear the sound of those damn sirens throughout the night.

:eek:what?.. seriously..
why would you want that fire station to 'go away' ??.. it shouldn't even be a question of it's placement.. it is incredibly busy, it is in a prime spot to help those in need within this area.. they are amazing in their response to calls, they should be treasured.. and I and countless others in this area- are thrilled they are here.. the station has street cred..doesn't seem out of place whatsoever... it serves the city well..and the sirens, are a part of living in the city- this isn't booneyland..