From today's Joe Cressy Ward 20 Contituents' Newsletter:

Pre-application Development Consultation - Tuesday April 7, 7-8pm, Metro Hall, 55 John Street

This meeting will present a development proposal for 19 Duncan St. There will be an opportunity for questions and comments from the audience.

is anyone going to this tomorrow?

So much for Ian Gillespie's talk of contributing something architecturally distinct to the area.
seems odd for Westbank to propose this. Usually they do much better.. Is this not just a preliminary massing?

There are more detailed renders, I am sure they will appear soon enough.

Its sort of like Daniels One Park Place with vertical spandrels but segmented into a similar scheme to Picasso where different parts of the rectangular prism that is the tower have different colour spandrels (white and grey).

It does look rather nice, despite my hopes it was going to be more spectacular. The only thing I didn't really like were the balconies.
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Well that is one big disappointment if it resembles the actual building. One boring box with balconies.
First time I've been disappointed to hear a project is HPA. So with this and Bloor & Bathurst, is the dream of BIG in Toronto dead now?