I was looking at www.cityzen.ca/flash_ok.html and I saw that they are advertising a condo called pier 27. They say its where yonge street meets the lake. There is a small render too. Scroll down to the bottom of the page when you enter the cityzen website.
I do remember hearing how the city of toronto sold off this piece of property at the foot of Yonge st some time in the past year. Not sure the exact details but it looks like its going to become condos. Hopefully this condo goes in respecting its surroundings. From the looks of the render it looks like a midrise which shouldn't attract too much protest but I think we all want to see more details before making any judgements.
can't scroll down - anyone know why?

Took me a minute to figure it out too. Click on Cityzen, when the scroll bar on the right appears, left click on it and drag it down. Viola
This is really interesting. I didn't know that the "pier" at the foot of Yonge Street was called Pier 27. This is definitely outside the East Bayfront plan, and seems to fall outside all the plans. Was there not some mention of something "iconic" at the foot of Yonge?
TWRC acquired 1/4 of the site from Torstar, who owns the foot of Yonge site, I believe.

I am not sure exactly how this project relates to that; or on that matter, where this project sits, exactly.

I would be very very surprised if this was south of Queens Quay (and very disappointed). I would think the era of condos on the south side, certainly in that area anyhow, would be over.
The TWRC only bought a small portion of the south-west corner of the site at the foot of Yonge. The rest of the land is still in private hands. This project is probably slated for those lands.

pier 27 development


anyone know which site this is exactly?
Very intriguing. Could it be the site right across the Star building?

After a slow first quarter things are really beginning to heat up.
Re: Upswing

gbelan: My condo spies inform me that you are correct regarding the location of Pier 27, and that a sales centre type excavation took place there last week.