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Oct 17, 2014
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LRT to Sherway?! When there is a mostly available above ground row which could be used to logically extend the subway ? Why would we build a crappy shuttle and force people to transfer, plus you have another fleet disconnected fleet etc

Because a) It creates other options for where Line 2 might be routed b) as yet no one has shown data demonstrating that subway-level capacity will be needed and c) there is nothing “crappy” about LRT - or even BRT.

I don’t foresee that the industrial area between Kipling and Sherway will be converted to higher density. Sherway may be a useful terminal point for Line 2, but given the low density west of Etobicoke Creek there certainly isn’t any case to extend it any further than that. So unless the Sherway precinct will generate sufficient density, it’s a waste to go there as a subway, above ground or otherwise. There is little ridership generated except along Dundas. (Even there, some feel BRT will suffice)

LRT along the Queensway can be justified by the new development going in along its length, and linking the Mall to the population near Humber Bay and beyond to Downtown (perhaps via Ontario Line) is a good thing.

The Mall owners have lobbied for a subway for decades, but the numbers aren’t there. The entire workforce of a retail mall would barely fill a string of buses. And the clientele is all non peak, post morning rush and gone by 10 PM. The redevelopment, and not the retail, is the only thing that could create enough ridership to justify a subway level of investment.

- Paul
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