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Is that car under construction a new car or the shell of 4471 or 4478 that still have yet to returned?? Almost 5 years after they were water damage or 4 years after they left TTC property to be clean in the US and head back to TB to be rebuilt.
I was suspicious of that too given the convenient covering of the car number in the photo.
I was suspicious of that too given the convenient covering of the car number in the photo.
Have been saying since the order for the next 60 cars was awarded that 4471 and 78 would be modify to match the changes that the new ones will have compared to the current fleet as protypes or would be new ones. We will see when the first one shows up.

Only a small crew doing the work so far.
The thread will have to be modify from Bombardier to Alstom since Alstom owns them now.

As we near Q4, this thread will become active again with the arrival of the first of 60 new cars for the fleet over the next 2+ years as well the return of 4471 and 4478 this year.

What will show up first, 4471, 4478 or 4604??? I am assuming the numbering will continue like the current fleet as I haven't seem or heard anything different yet unless someone has first hand knowledge what the numbers will be.

Will any of the past spotters informed us of a delivery in process like the past or will be have to be on the look out for them??

Our plan trip to the west coast would had taken us pass Thunder Bay this week, but die in December.
Looks like 4604 is to arrive the week of Aug 1 with a possibility of seeing 8 cars this year. One may assume that 4471 and 4478 will be part of those 8 cars.

Will be away in Aug to see if this happens as well will we really see 8 cars in place of the plan 3??

This should make someone happy to see the new cars sooner than later.
^ pics for those no on twitter cc @Northern Light




Presumably they will have all the amendments and adjustments made to the originals and will NOT come with poles - if the TTC remembered to tell them!

on that note has there been any indication from TTC on whether they will remove the poles in the near future?
There's a new (or refurbished flood) TTC Flexity on a flatcar in the background of a picture posted here:

The blue corner lights are an indication that the vehicle (streetcar, bus, light rail, etc.) is accessible for wheelchairs.

Read this link for

The story of Toronto’s streetcar “bull’s eyes”

I'm aware of what the bull's eyes are and they haven't had them in the location that you are talking about since the PCC streetcars. Mike filly made a suggestion about them when the CLRV's and the AlRV's were being built and they decided to have the two green lights at the front by the destination sign as a tribute to that. With the felexity streetcars because they are accessible (not just for wheelchairs) they have two blue lights like the buses do. The Blue lights are instead of bull's eyes which were used on the Petter Whitt cars instead of destination signs in various combinations of colours to show the destination.