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Sep 24, 2015
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Welcome to the Urban Development and Proposal Discussion Thread
A thread for discussion on proposed developments and general urban development.
Running count of multi-family projects (25 units or more)

Feb 4, 2022

Core development
U/C Units in Beltline/DT/EV

Oliver - 866
Sunalta Towers - 333
The Hat 14th - 239
1334 10th - 80
Arris Tower west - 310
Park Central II - 460
Sierra Place - 80
West Village Towers - 554
The Fifth - 34
Nude - 177
Curtis Block - 628
11th and 11th - 369
Total Units: 4,130

U/C in Near Inner City (Bridgeland, Kensington, Mission, Inglewood, Bankview)

Theodore - 114
Archer - 40
Riverwalk - 141
Block on 4th - 39
Elva - 61
Dominion - 300
The Bridge - 285
Brio Bridgeland - 25
Era - 178
Nimmons Court - 84
Bankview 19+14 -78
Lynbrook Manor - 48
Scarboro 17 - 52
Total Units 1,446

U/C Suburban (non-greenfield infill)

The Dells - 202
Kingsland Junction - 579
Northland Village - 229
19 + 2 - 51
Trail 19 - 78
Capella - 142
Grammercy - 83
Harrison - 67
Catalyst - 75
DeVille - 333
West 17 - 102
Cascade - 45
Montagomery Square - ?
Total Units 1,986
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ALT HotelArcher
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Hi Again,

Hey Urban Warrior, I DON'T Fault You for your remarks at All. Its When I read that places Like Edmonton have Plans to Build 75 and 80 Flr Bldgs and We DON'T, then I feel Something isn't quite right - Rightfully So. I Read a Lot on Urban Toronto so My Experience of close to 40 Yrs in Calgary - My Home I take the Outlook that We Can Do Better - A LOT Better then We are Doing Really. I Look at MORE then Just DT so, its the outline areas as well as I Saw a Lot Happening When I Worked in Courier Land,. NO Bad Feelings but Yes I am a bit BIASED in Favour of DT/Beltine/Mission as that was my Main Work Areas - so I Have Positive Feelings and Perhaps Rightfully so. No Bad Feelings. I want very much to see Calgary do Better and I believe it Can. DT/Beltline/Mission has a Lot of Growth and Redevelopement Opp0rtunities. I hope to B Part of It in My own Special Ways as I lived and Worked in the Areas, No Regrets.

Edmonton is going the wrong direction with things. It needs lots and lots of intensification and not vanity projects. Everyone is now jumping on the Katz bandwagon proposing 40, 50, 80 storeys. The market just isn't large enough. All these proposals are just wasting time. Katz got some great handouts too.
All the supertalls and starchitecture in the world will never make me prefer this to this.

Nothing against height - in fact, Calgary could use much, much more height - but we should focus on improving density and walkability rather than trying to make a statement with big development projects.
Yep. As far as recent projects in Calgary go, we don't need to give Edmonton or Winnipeg a run for their money. Been there done that.
Calgary needs to go after bigger game like Toronto and Vancouver. Some of the development in East Village is getting there, projects like Telus Sky and the library are in that zone.

Yeah, I mean, Brookfield Place, NMC, NCL, 707, Telus Sky, Evolution, and in my opinion, Mark on Tenth and Sixth and Tenth, are all on par with what's being built in Toronto and Vancouver, and in some cases exceed what's going on in those cities. For a time, I believe in 2014, we were even building more than Montreal and Vancouver (not counting Van's suburbs), which is insane for a city our size to be doing over 40 high-rise projects at one time. Calgary is transforming right before our eyes.