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I noticed a proposed land use change for the site where Julio's Barrio used to be. I think this may have been brought up before, but I can't recall the details. anyhow it looks like they want to change it to residential as well as boosting the height limit from 13m to 30m.
Something more is definitely being planned for this site. I have heard that the additional floor is for above the offices. The two floors combined are to accommodate 40 luxury condominiums. Sable Developments is behind it. Nothing approved as yet.

Minto going to develop the last river front property in East Village. Adding 100 new residential units.
The riverfront clearly has momentum. The interior of EV has a giant parking lot. Hopefully CMLC can spread that momentum inland.
'Discussions are underway'

I wonder if there's any worry from CMLC about the C+E district taking development away from the inland lots in EV. Curious how they want to stage development in the C+E. Could a new arena, take development away from other parts of the downtown? Right now its the other parts that are humming along.

I also wonder if CMLC regrets putting the NMC in EV?
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If what Minto is currently building in Bridgeland is anything to go by, I'm bracing for disappointment.... looked great in the renders, in reality it looks like a cheap reclad of an old apartment building in Mississauga. Can't wait to see the bait and switch Minto pulls on our prime riverfront development site.