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When will the Beltline take over as Calgary's most populous neighbourhood?

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Sep 24, 2015
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Here's a quick blurb on the Beltline's population growth. Very solid growth this past year, gaining over 1,000 residents. Compared to some of the other large population neighbourhoods, the Beltline did very well.

With a few projects still under construction (Underwood, Park Point and Residence Inn, The Royal), and ones that only started adding residents at or after the census (Versus west tower, Smith, and 6th and Tenth) the Beltline should get close or maybe even surpass Panorama Hills as the most populated neighbourhood.



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Between 3 and 4 years. There are enough residential projects under construction, as well as a number that are already built aren't full that the Beltline will easily will definitely become the most populous neighbourhood but I'd say we're about for 3 to 5 years away
Once the Beltline becomes the most populous it should remain in that spot forever, unless a new neighborhood very large in area gets built.
3 years seems about right. The next two years will see the completion of the projects u/c and starting to fill up.
Hi All,
Belt Line! Interesting Really. When I Worked Courier I Developed the areas as for Operating Reasons into 3 areas I Still Do now even if i am retired due to Medical.
To Me, East Belt is Still the Ares-as Between 1st St.S.W.and McLeod Tr, East of the LRT I Still Consider It as Victoria Park Although now the City Looks at it
Differently. To Me Belt Line has Been Anything 1st St .W. and Points WEST, I Split it Into Two Areas for Operating and Local Areas/Development Reasons, Still Do,
Due to My Interest in the City Operations and Real Estate, 8 St and West to Me is Belt West. Its Different Now but I Look More into Real Estate that if all the Various Projects still Go, This adds to Population, Commercial, AND Yes Economic Growth to all 4 Areas - Including Mission/Mt Royal. Close to 40 Yrs in a Given Areas to Me says a Lot, We Shall See as Time Goes On.