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Damn, is Solutions gone completely? They closed Queen W & John too.

From their website:

A redevelopment land assembly in the works for sale on both sides along Henning Ave, north of Eglinton.

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The City will bare fangs over any shadow impacts on Eglinton Park.

So it will be interesting to see what's might be proposed here.

Give or take on property it appears they've locked up the entire street except for the Eglinton frontage.

I wonder if they will propose closing the street?

That would be contrary to the City's focus on granularity; but it would afford additional area to spread density over.


There is a hirise apartment on Edith which affords some shadow cover, but only a to a certain height.

Anything higher than townhomes will put all the backyards on Orchard View's south side into shadow most of the time.

Its a very interesting assembly. I think I would have targeted going to Edith if feasible. (remove more potential objections, and gain greater flexibility.)

If there's any scale here, and the developer has a wit of common sense, they'll partner with one or more other developers in the area, and buy the City an expansion of Eglinton Park.

That would secure a lot of good will.
The lots on the south side of Orchard View Blvd are ripe for assembly as well. Would be a nice opportunity to extend Henning Avenue north to Orchard View Blvd.