Following the acquisition of land for what will ultimately become the final phase of the Snow Hill Masterplan in central Birmingham, developer Ballymore has begun construction on Three Snowhill. The Siddell Gibson-designed, 16-storey office block will be the largest speculative commercial development of its type outside of London. Part of Birmingham's "Big City Plan," the Snow Hill Masterplan will bring the city one major step closer to realizing City Hall's collective vision of the Birmingham City Centre as a vibrant urban hub, complete with new office towers, condos, dining and shopping options, and a beautified streetscape. 

Three Snowhill, directly in front of One and Two Snowhill, image via Sidell Gibson

Currently a boon to more than 450 local construction workers, the 420,000-square-foot office block will eventually become home to 4,000 office workers upon completion in 2018. In addition to the daily flow of office workers, the bottom of the building will host a collection of cafes and shops at street level, adding to the more urban, pedestrian-friendly experience that is part of the larger "Big City Plan" that is currently transforming central Birmingham. 

Construction underway at Three Snowhill, image by Flickr user Elliott Brown via Creative Commons

In terms of construction, progress has been steady over the last several months since work began late last year, and the build site today is abuzz with activity as the core of the tower continues to rise. Snowhill One and Two can be seen directly behind the site, and the three structures together will soon comprise the full extent of the Snow Hill Masterplan. 

Close-up view of build site, image by Flickr user Elliott Brown via Creative Commons

To be well connected to transit with direct access to an LRT stop, Three Snowhill and its counterparts will be attractive for commuters and urbanites alike. The development itself is located within easy walking distance of the city centre. Dubbed as Birmingham's answer to London's Canary Wharf, the Snow Hill Masterplan is a transformative project for the city, part of an ongoing effort to transform the former industrial city centre into a more cosmopolitan urban space. 

Three Snowhill, showing LRT connectivity, image via Sidell Gibson

Once complete, Three Snowhill will cap off a major part of Birmingham's urban transformation. The project, like many others going up across the city centre, will serve as an integral part of the city's ambitious reinvention.

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