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    Nordstrom willl be occupying the space on the south side of Sherway. Sporting Life will definitely stay in the mall, but at a different location (it's a good location for them). (My guess): Nordstrom will take advantage of a Sears location, either Yonge and Dundas, or Yonge and Bloor. The...
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    Toronto | 50 Bloor Street West | 230.11m | 70s | Morguard Corporation | Pellow + Associates

    The rendering of this building shows quite a distinct resemblance to Commerce Court West, aside from the presence of the prominent podium. Could it have an alternate existence as a new office building?
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    Scotia Plaza (KingSett) updates

    As long as the bank remains the lead tenant (apparently for at least another 13 years, which is the weighted average length of the existing tenancies according to one report), there is unlikely to be a new logo. Hopefully everyone realizes that, physically, there will be no change in the...
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    Mississauga (non-mall) Retail

    The parking lot at the new Walmart seemed to be pretty busy this afternoon. They are aparently having a "soft opening". I had not previously realized that the Walmart parking lot is connected directly to the GO parking lot next door. I wonder how many GO commuters will park at the Walmart...
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    Search function

    I have found recently on more than one occasion that the "Search" function does not seem to be working very well. Yesterday I started a new thread in Projects and construction regarding a new development, not having found an existing thread. I was promptly corrected by someone pointing out...
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    The Erindale garage is supposed to have 1,800 spots, according to the City of Mississauga website.
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    Ronald McDonald House (new location 240 McCaul St, 4s, Montgomery Sisam)

    Good article by Rochon, thinking beyond just the bricks and mortar. I occasionally think she is too grinch-like, but this time, has hit the bulls-eye in terms of highlighting what is really important about RMH as a city-building facility. Similar thoughts come to mind when we look at MaRS, two...
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    Sheridan College (MCC, 4s, Rounthwaite Dick & Hadley Architects) COMPLETE

    Enjoy it while you can; the City Centre area is filling in and those wide open spaces (the remnants of the iconic open rangeland?) will have 40-storey structures dotting the landsape soon enough.
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    Absolute World | 169.77m | 56s | Cityzen | MAD architects COMPLETE

    "The corner ... used to be an operating farm ... '' Mississauga has been somewhat thin on public art. The concept has not been fully accepted as yet. Full credit to Cityzen. I hope we will see some more examples, especially in the City Centre area. I wonder how many would remember that a...
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    Republic Of Yonge And Eglinton Condos | ?m | 27s | Tridel | Burka COMPLETE

    Wow! I'm not aware of any other high school in the city with interesting artwork of this calibre. Well done!
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    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    The bad news is that the recent sale was actually only a partial sale, consisting of a 3/8 interest in the site. The other 5/8 is still owned by three other individuals. If any of these three had intended to sell, I would assume that it would have been done at the same time as the recent...
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    Toronto | Park 570 Condos | ?m | 4s | VANDYK Group | Romanov Romanov

    According to a diagram in the sales material, the outdoor parking will be located toward the street end (north end) of the property at its east side, which is also the front-facing side of the building. The ramp down to undergroud parking will be closer to the rear (south end), also on the east...
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    Toronto | Humbertown Redevelopment | ?m | 21s | First Capital | Kirkor Architects

    Humbertown has amazing similarities to the Don Mills Centre, as adma points out. I am a bit more optimistic than some as to the likely fate of this proposal. Nimbys there may be, in this district of upper-middle-class houses, but the immediate neighbourhood also has heavy representation of...
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    Toronto | Art Shoppe Condos | 98.75m | 28s | Freed | a—A

    Travis, sorry I could not find this thread at the time of my earlier post. I was aware of previous discussion of this site, but had not been aware that you had definite knowledge of the sale having closed. (No intention to steal your thunder!) I am continuing to be quite curious as to what...
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    Toronto | Art Shoppe Condos | 98.75m | 28s | Freed | a—A

    Potential new development -- Art Shoppe site I know it was "hinted at", but don't know if it has been definitely confirmed. Freed has closed the purchase of the Art Shoppe site on Yonge just south of Eglinton, and is apparently preparing to "go uptown"! The site is larger than I would have...