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  1. smably

    GO Transit: Davenport Diamond Grade Separation

    A few tidbits of news from Metrolinx: "To facilitate construction of the elevated guideway, truck traffic and construction activity will start to increase at our contractor's yard at 640 Lansdowne (corner of Lansdowne Avenue and Paton Road). Truck traffic will noticeably increase due to...
  2. smably

    SmartTrack (Proposed) Join the SmartTrack Bloor-Lansdowne GO Station team LIVE to have your questions answered.  Please join us on December 09, 2021 to learn more about the future SmartTrack Bloor-Lansdowne GO Station. Representatives from Metrolinx...
  3. smably

    Roads: Bayview Extension/River Street

    It couldn't be about safety or livability, right? It must be a personal affront to you as a driver!
  4. smably

    Toronto | 221 Sterling | 95.5m | 29s | First Capital | Turner Fleischer 221 Sterling Road - Notice of Intention to Designate a Property under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act Origin (November 10, 2021) Report from the Senior Manager, Heritage Planning, Urban Design, City...
  5. smably

    Toronto | Quayside | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    I think the point of that article was less about the aesthetics of that specific project, and more about the kinds of creativity we could see in Quayside. The article includes a quote that acknowledges that the Silodam building is more innovative than beautiful:
  6. smably

    Niagara Parks Power Station

    I visited in August and loved it. I'll be back when they open the tailrace tours.
  7. smably

    Toronto | East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

    That's all really good feedback IMO! I'm glad (and a bit surprised) they called out the lack of variation in building heights.
  8. smably

    Toronto | Magellan Centre | 29.64m | 7s | Magellan Community Charities | Snyder Architects

    Public meeting for this one will be December 2 at 6:30. Webex link on the city's consultation page: I'll be mentioning my concerns around surface parking and vehicle access on Lansdowne. Also...
  9. smably

    211 Symington Ave (3s, Scott Shields)

    Just looking at the architectural plans, first time I've seen this? I wonder how it works:
  10. smably

    211 Symington Ave (3s, Scott Shields)

    Great location for some intensification, extremely well served by transit with Bloor and future Lansdowne GO both within walking distance. Interesting outdoor stair thing they have going on at the back! I wonder whether that's the primary access to the upper floor units?
  11. smably

    Toronto | 700 University Avenue | 196.41m | 56s | KingSett Capital | KPMB

    Guessing you meant to say "Mike Layton earning his pay", which sounds a lot less defamatory. ;)
  12. smably

    Toronto | Via Bloor | 138.37m | 46s | Tridel | a—A

    It's not bad, but it has a serious case of waist-height mullionitis.
  13. smably

    Oculus Pavilion Restoration

    Looks like this might be done? Anyone have better pics?
  14. smably

    Toronto | 835 Queen West | 23.4m | 6s | Emma Capital | RAW Design

    Love the subtle herringbone brick accents!