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And to a large part the Plan and the Renderings don't mesh. And silly little nits -- trees and a wind-screen thingy blocking the egress ingress to MNP Sutton parkade? Someone(s) needs to go back to school and start over.
it sure was... :)

you may have to browse it to understand why but it's a "movement" that was started in Denmark called "The Human Libray" where inside certain libraries you can choose to 'borrow' a person - instead of a book - to listen to the history of their life for about 30 minutes. The point? Limiting prejudice. Everyone has a 'title' such as 'Unemployed', 'Refugee', 'Bipolar', or what have you - but once we listen to their story, we will always be given reasons to realize even deeper - why we should never "judge a book by its cover".

Accommodating or incorporating this year round as part of the 103 Avenue upgrading would have a lot more use and value than raised planters and "wind screen sculptures". Maybe it could be incorporated as part of those wide sidewalks and plaza spaces and maybe those could be incorporated into the restaurant patios if they're located where they should be.


103 Avenue from 100 Street to 101 Street Streetscape​

Project Website
Project Website

Budget - The project is currently on budget.​

Schedule - The project is currently on schedule.​

Scope - The project is within the scope approved in the project charter.​


The Green and Walkable Catalyst project, identified in the Capital City Downtown plan calls for improvements to downtown roadways and streeetscapes that support safe and comfortable pedestrian movement, sidewalk vibrancy, quality urban design and will add more trees and greenery on 103 Avenue from 100 Street to the 101 Street Streetscape.

Latest Update:​

This project is in the final design phase and we are planning to go out to tender in November of 2021. Construction is planned for 2022.

Contact Information:​

Contact: Gordon Mitchell

Approved Schedule​

August, 2023​

Forecasted Schedule​

October, 2022​

Approved Budget​

$6.9 million​

Forecasted Budget​

$6.6 million​

Does anyone think that a better connector between Churchill and ice district might be along 102A Ave? There may be more interesting interaction between the street and buildings such as williams hall and ECC (once redeveloped). I also like the curvature of 102A for a visual aspect. Perhaps a push for smaller scale improvements (lighting, planters) to 102A could also be entertained by the city.
My issue with the initial work for this stretch was that it was working way too hard to make it 'an outdoor living room' versus a well designed/updated block. The last thing we need to do here is spend way too much for a block that you could throw an infinite amount at with little real impact.

Get it rebuilt, updated and move on.