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What do you think of this project?

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Do we evaluate this on an icy -25 day with no anything or do we do that in July during Taste of Edmonton?

Should it be required to 'stand up' on its own 365 or?
the question isn’t whether it might be busy in july during taste of edmonton, the question is whether it would be busier.
Fear not (almost) everyone- it looks like parking is still available in this precinct. And some angled parking even.

Give it until spring, where I suspect that we will see trees (although usually planted in the fall) and many plantings (I hope).

At the moment it is a bit stark, but I am sure there are plans to add functional and accent lighting, food trucks, djs, and ping pong.
I do hope they're able to replant those beautiful trees they removed from the north side of the block. Travesty to see those go especially given how many of the trees planted in dt are dying or are dead and have been age ages.
All it would have taken was a little lipstick (paint) to make the original pig look prettier.
Really curious to see this come July for I walked (and drove it) it two weeks ago and somehow it felt even more desolate and cold than before.
Who owns that big-ass parking lot along 101 Street? That parking lot is dying for a new IMAX cineplex if you ask me (as I mentioned in another thread).

Did Aspen Properties out of Calgary buy it about 10yrs ago or was that just an option/JV? I recall a proposal from them.

They own/manage everything around it.

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 10.40.25 AM.png
Hmmm... I do recall another proposal many years ago from a lesser known developer.... name escapes me.

I always default to the Allard's if not.
The Allards have always displayed a perverse love for their parking lots. IIRC the city had to expropriate one of their parking lots for the Warehouse Park. So I wouldn't be surprised if they're still clinging to that prime parking lot at 103 Ave/101 St.