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Skippy as CPC leader? That wouldn't be wise.

What wasn't wise was the sleeper campaign Scheer ran. We needed someone more feisty and combative to point out clearly what the contrast between Liberals and Conservatives is and why Trudeau shouldn't had been reelected PM. Passivity cost Conservatives an easy win.
It worked for George W Bush and most of the leaders during WW2. Give yourself a way to look good and people will flock to you.

Or, during WWI, Robert Borden.

But forewarned: for every George W. Bush, there's a George H.W. Bush (relative to the Gulf War). And Churchill was defeated at war's end. Sometimes, it's still about "the economy, stupid"...
Another person who *could have been* a good national Conservative leader were it nor for "circumstances": Patrick Brown.
I think history provides us lessons in not jumping to conclusions. General sentiment based on external factors is always unpredictable. Leaders once considered poor sometimes fail and sometimes go on to be dynastic leaders. Long term environment issues are always jettisoned in the face of current economic ones
Police called after vulgar slur spray-painted on front of Catherine McKenna’s office.

Staff arriving at the office Thursday morning found the jarring four-letter obscenity scrawled in red paint over a photo of the environment minister.

A visibly shaken McKenna says she's not sure what message the act sends to the women and girls of all ages who worked on her successful campaign.

During the campaign, she spoke to The Canadian Press about how the anonymous online abuse has often escalated into in-person verbal assaults.

The threats had grown to a level where McKenna sometimes requires a security detail, a level of protection cabinet ministers don't usually receive.
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The sooner people get over slang for genitalia being shocking or edgy, the better.
Spray paint something that has a coherent message if you must.

Key to this, if you really think this woman is the enemy because of her sex, that's both sad and dangerous.

If you dislike her for a reason related to her public policy positions, or her actions, fair enough; but then maturely call her out of those; if only for the selfish reason that the vulgar slur will achieve absolutely nothing; except, possibly a criminal charge.

Insulting someone, in such an immature way; is, at the very best, a poor reflection on the person casting the insult; and one could be far less kind.

I hasten to add, such insults aren't limited to women; men in politics often get a homophobic variation; though I think women in politics seem to get this type of nonsense more often.

Neither is excusable.
Scheer just lost an election and still has the same answer when it comes to Pride parades...