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I drove both direction between Calgary Trail and the Yellowhead today. The 3 lane widening is almost done, with construction work remaining at the North Saskatchewan River crossing. There are construction signs up in the SB lanes at the Wedgewood Ravine but I think they're done.

Can we fix the mess at AHD and 100 Avenue?

There are way too many drivers coming off AHD northbound onto eastbound 100 Avenue, then attempting to cut across all the lanes of eastbound traffic in order to careen into the Walmart parking lot or to get into the left lane in order to turn left at 184 Street. I love the people who either expect eastbound drivers to jam on their brakes to accommodate them shooting across, or else the former merge in front of drivers on 100 Avenue and then stomp on their brakes in order to try and get over to the far left in time to hit the Walmart entrance.

Horrible design.
The Premier also tasks Minister Dreeshen with:

  • Expanding and improving major highways and roadways in the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas, including the Anthony Henday Drive and Deerfoot Trail.

Might as well make it at least 3 lanes in each direction all the way around.
One comment I have about AHD westbound (between Calgary Trail and Rabbit Hill Road). Yesterday and today there have been accidents westbound at around 127 Street. This blocks traffic as far east as Calgary Trail, because of no exits. Is there any way to add warning signs before the Calgary Trail exit to prevent traffic from being backed up?
Drove by this morning, they were cleaning the snow off the south bound lanes and placing hydronic heating lines in the deck. I guess they are prepping for asphalt.
Certainly not pushing on this. Went by yesterday and no one working. Given how backed up things get I thought there would be more urgency to have this opened, the weather certainly hasn't been an impediment.