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Not that I think this is going to happen but the Apple Genius was pretty adamant that they weren't going to lose this location and then proceeded to openly discuss with another Apple Genius who was going to stay and who would get to go to the new location.

Playing Devil's Advocate, both the main mall (in the atrium) and Yonge & Dundas are valuable locations for different reasons. It's possible that Apple would want to keep a presence near the iconic flying geese while building a flagship store looking on to Yonge-Dundas.

Nonetheless, I'm just reporting the conversation.
Apple opened their first north american new design Apple Store in Memphis today as reported by AppleInsider.

Any new Apple Store in Toronto (or redesigns of the existing ones) will look like this.


Note that there are pillars in this store, which some have cited as a reason why Apple couldn't move into the former Sears space at Yonge-Dundas Square.

While this store is smaller than some flagship stores and missing the trees and living walls that are a part of the new design, it does use a lot of wood instead the metal panneling of the original stores. Headphones have been taken off tables and put into a recessed wall.



There's a massive screen at the far end of the store.


We have yet to hear about Apple's plans and who is going into the remaining high value space in the Yonge-Dundas atrium but we do know for sure that Apple will have to redesign their Eaton Centre store to fit this new design. I have a hard time believing that they'll rebuild the store into their existing small space that so many (including Apple employees) complain about.
Apple opened their first north american new design Apple Store in Memphis today as reported by AppleInsider.

Memphis wasn't their first new concept store in North America at all. That was Corte Madera in California, which opened in February.

Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY reopened as a new concept store, a month ago on February 27th.

Walden Galleria in Buffalo, NY reopened as a new concept store a few weeks back on March 19th.


The Mall at Chestnut Hill in Boston also opened as a new concept on March 26th.

All the new stores are listed as open on the Apple website!

Keep in mind all the stores listed above were seemingly older concept stores before their remodels (black box entrance, white walls). Eaton Centre is a relatively new concept store (aluminum walls) compared to many of the older ones from 2002-2006. Based on the trend with the current remodel stores, it looks like their strategy is to knock out the oldest concept stores first - the one's that need it the most!
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You're right. That didn't seem right. I remember some new design stores opening but I went along with the article and assumed they had been in Asia and Europe. AppleInsider clearly got that wrong.

That said, Apple Store Eaton Centre has been delaying a renovation for over a year now. The metal walls have kinks in them, the air circulation was broken during the summer leading to a stinky store, cash drawers get stuck. They could just fix all these things but they haven't. It certainly appears that they're just holding off for something.
I would enjoy meeting her, she comes across as very nice and intelligent. I hope she is signing some lease agreements while she is here. ;)
Hmm. Wonder if Angie brought her hard hat, and took UPX to Union? Hmm. Hmm. (Sorry, just amusing myself.)

Would be cool if Apple Eatons moved into the restored 2 Queen West as the updated renders released today really look like the type of building you might see an Apple Store at.
The Apple Store would not move very far at all, as the Apple Store's current location is quite close to the Queen entrance (as well as being very much halfway between two entrances to Queen station).
It looks like Apple is planning to open another Toronto Apple Store after all. There's no indication as to where but they've just added a Toronto (FMK) to their job listings. I don't know what the acronym stands for but it's probably some code for an unnamed location.

I think FMK just refers to Filemaker, not a location. All the Toronto locations are listed under the Toronto tab. Filemaker has their own offices that I deal with at work, so assuming the folder is just for opportunities there.