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A friend works for them and we both got $50 when I signed up, paid for lunch. Plus, as long as you pay the card off each month they give you free money. Neo is a rewards based card, and each restaurant / store whatever, decides what cashback amount you get. Some places are 10% on purchases!

I still have RBC, have been with them for 30 years and they work great. I used to use ATB but has some concerns with their security (had lots of fradulent purchases on my mastercard for example). Plus ATB has the worse software, their shit always glitched on payments and cost me money, so to hell wirh them!
I use Neo as well and I've been really impressed with them. The cash back system is great and I like that they partner with local businesses. Feels pretty good knowing I basically get a 10% discount at some places.

It's definitely not a replacement for the big banks in my mind, I still have accounts with other banks. But their credit card is wayyyyy better than my old Scotiabank card.
The risks of building an economy based on a marginally-productive sector like residential real estate development.

We are lucky here in Alberta that a) the housing market is a much smaller proportion of our GDP and b) the degree of nimbyism and bureaucratic inefficiency here is much less than in places like Ontario.