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An article I ran across today highlighting Calgary's downtown bike lane project.

Calgary cycle track network: An overnight success story, 5 years in the making


Image: Tom Thivener, City of Calgary


Image: City of Calgary
Awesome idea for a thread! I do most of my biking around Nose Hill or the river paths, but have used the cycle tracks a few times this summer and I'm impressed. I have some pics that I took this summer, I should try and dig them up.
This is pretty incredible! Selling safe cycling infrastructure in North America seems impossible sometimes. Do you bike around the city?
Totally agree. Agree that's it's incredible, and also agree that it's hard to sell cycling infrastructure. These cycling lanes didn't come about without their share of controversy :-( There has been a fair bit of complaining. Oh well, can't please everyone I guess lol.
Cycle Track Highlights

This Friday, December 11, we'll be presenting the first update on the cycle track network pilot project, since the tracks opened, at the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit. Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting or submit a letter with their comments. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the highlights you can expect to see. - See more at:

Interactive map with bike count data.

also, from City of Calgary Bike Program FB page:

Display counters showing real-time bike trips captured from three existing automated counters along the cycle track network are now live! The technology is provided to The City of Calgary by Eco-Counter, the same company that allows us to share the automated bike counts publically on
Find the display counters at these locations:
• 5 Street & 9 Avenue S.W.
• 8 Avenue & 3 Street S.W.
• 12 Avenue & 8 Street S.W.
Fun facts:
The display counter on 12 Avenue & 8 Street S.W. is solar powered!
The daily number of bike trips on each display counter will reset at the beginning of every day and the annual number of bike trips will reset on January 1, 2016.
The display column on 5 Street & 9 Avenue S.W. is the second in Alberta (Canmore has the first, located along the Legacy Trail) and the sixth in Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Canmore, Ottawa & Montreal).