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They have been done for some time now, but Winnipeg's struggles gave some hope. If the Flames had have gotten on a streak, they could easily have jumped into a playoff spot, but as has been the case all season, they can't string together more than two wins in a row. They started the season with a 5-1 record, and now at the end of the season are 6 games above .500. They've managed to be 2 games above 500 since that initial hopeful burst out of the gates :(

Time to think about next year. At this point, they should let things ride into next season, and then start another re-build. If they are the same team two months into next season, start trading and get the rebuild underway. My two cents.
I’m one of those fans with a hopium addiction. I convinced myself the Flames were done and it was time to move on, but after seeing the Flames win and the Jets/Preds lose I’m now fighting hard not to be hopeful as I know I’m going to be let down in the end
I think he lost the room last year, but there was enough winning for the players to put in more of an effort. One of the things that drove me nuts last year, and this season, is his inability to say a nice thing about any of his players.