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Winnipeg is leaving the door open, can the Flames grab it?
I think it’s possible for the Flames to pass the Jets, the problem is both passing the Jets and holding off Nashville. If they can string together, some wins abd Winnipeg, maybe they can hold off Nashville.
I wish they would either win a bunch of games or lose a bunch of games a can’t take any more of this win one lose one 😕
Over the past month the flames have played 15 games and have a .500 points percentage (5-5-4). While over the same time the Jets have played 14 games and have a .400 points percentage (5-8-2). Needless to say the Jets are backing themselves out of the playoffs in spectacular fashion.
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Weren't the Jets on top of their division for a good chunk of the season too?
They were up at the top for a while. I remember looking at their record at one point and they were 21 games over .500, but it was mostly smoke and mirrors due to Hellebuyck. He hasn't been as strong and the team is showing their true colors.

It's hard to believe the Flames have play .500 over the last 15 games and are still in this lol. Picking up points in 6 of the last 7 games (4-1-2) has helped.
I was hoping the Flames would start losing and drop into position for a better draft pick, but this race down the stretch is much more interesting than moving up 3 or 4 spots in the draft list. Even if they are probably going to miss, it's still fun to watch.