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Aerial shot of the new International terminal from @neil_zee on twitter

From yesterday's Airport Authority presentation to council.

October 31, 2016 is the opening date for the new terminal.

Parkades P1 and P2.
- P1 Parkade will be adjusted to reference the Red parkade and will feature Canada flags to help guide users going domestic to P1.
- P2 Parkade will be adjusted to reference the Blue parkade and will feature USA and Globe flags to guide users going transborder or international.

New Hotel.
The new hotel will be flagged as a full service Marriott. Last year Marriott bought Delta hotels from BCIMC and Delta is now a full service brand within the Marriott group. Being a Marriott Rewards Platinum cardholder, my only concern was whether the new Hotel would be full service Marriott or a discount Courtyard.

Another New Hotel
Opening in October 2017 will be the Westin Calgary Airport. the hotel will be located on the airport property but it does not appear to be connected to the terminal building.

Marriott Group currently has a merger proposal out with Starwood Hotels (Owners of the Westin Hotels). If completed, the merger integration would happen in late 2017-2018 timeframe. It will be interesting to see how the combined Marriott, group will handle three full service hotels in the same airport.

YYC Link is the new name for the compact transport system.

Airport Authority will commission a new noise impact study for West Calgary residents who currently have issues with the down wind segment of the North parallel arrivals STAR.

Calgary airport working with Calgary Police on requirements for new terminal CPS presence.

Current 10 degree deviation on the new runway implemented last year. Airport is exploring transitioning to a 5 degree turn to lessen impact on residents in the NE.

Airport clarified that 10 degree turn is only for south departures, there is no change to north departures. Skyview Ranch community probably located in wrong spot according to airport.

LRT to the Airport.
Airport will preserve the right of way for the LRT to come into the terminal complex. The LRT right of way would allow for the train to go onto an elevated guideway coming from Airport Trail/Barlow intersection to the terminal complex. The implementation time and cost of the LRT link will be determined by City administration and paid for by the city.

Finally the airport authority to host discussions with City Councillors to discuss number of topics.