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Packed again. Must be a pretty good spot.

Packed again. Must be a pretty good spot.

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This is such a great redevelopment and it really came out of nowhere. It shows that there is hope for adaptive reuse of even the most bland corporate spaces.

Now let's see the same thing at the TransAlta HQ and the main floor of Manhattan Lofts converted back to retail.
The Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list came out for 2022; Calgary was well represented:
10. River Café (St. Patricks Island / Eau Claire)
12. Major Tom (Stephen Ave / Downtown Commercial Core) *
18. D.O.P. (1st St / Beltline)
22. Shokunin (4th St / Mission)
36. Eight (Alt Hotel / Downtown East Village) *
63. Nupo (Alt Hotel / Downtown East Village) *
72. Ten Foot Henry (1st St / Beltline)
82. Lulu Bar (17th Ave / Beltline)
86. Jinbar (4th St NE / Bridgeland) *
87. Orchard (10th Ave (SODO) / Beltline) *
98. Foreign Concept (1st St / Beltline)
The restaurants with asterisks were on the Best New (past two years) Restaurants list; Major Tom was the Best New Restaurant in Canada.

Because of COVID related travel restrictions, it seems that they might not have had the full slate of judges they might normally; the 'prairies' section also had restaurants in Saskatoon and Winnipeg, but none in Edmonton.

Also from the 50 best bars list (which did have Edmonton locations):
12. Proof (1st St / Beltline)
30. Betty Lou’s Library (17th Ave / Beltline)
34. Paper Lantern (2nd Ave SE / Chinatown)
38. Ship & Anchor Pub (17th Ave / Beltline)
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I don't get out enough. I've only been to one of those listed restaurants recently (Ten Foot Henry), and have been to River Cafe, but not for about 10-15 years.

4 in the top 22, and 11 in the top 100. That's a good representation.
That might be our best showing ever. The last time they released the top 100 list we had 10 of them. By comparison - as they’re identical in population to us - that year Ottawa had 3 and Edmonton had 1
They are setting up a temporary sidewalk for pretty much all of the strip of 1 St between 12th and 13aves. Look for that whole stretch to be patios (except St James, their patio is on 13th). This city should do this on more streets. I was going to take a picture but there were some tweakers harassing people so I didn't linger lol.