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They were building the new patio for Deville yesterday, and it’s open today 🙂

Not sure why the food hall is taking so long, there are a couple spots open in it already though. Probably waiting for more downtown workers to come back. The beer hall is still under construction I think.
This pic is from Tuesday but forgot to post. Central Taps is coming along quick…

God I wish!!! the company I work for planted and maintained the wall/garden for years. I was sad to see it go but I guess the management company wanted to cut costs? The space feels so sterile now: View attachment 389105
At least they have hung a picture. When I last walked through there (want to say December 2020 or January 2021) it was still just empty drywall. Do you know how much that living wall was costing to upkeep on a per month basis?
Went to Porch for a date night on Saturday. Man they did a great job with that space, the west side really feels like you're outside while being inside, really enjoyed the food as well.

Central taps looks like its going to be a good addition as well
I’m pretty sure Central Taps opened Friday. There was quite a large crowd in there, and while I was walking my dog around 11 this morning there were customers inside.