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A crispy morning shot, with a little Glenbow construction in there. We could really use a nice new-tallest in between Telus / Bow / Petro Can.

I can only imagine how beautiful the skyline could further be with a new arena and a urban park instead of the parking lots.
I'm hoping this section of the river pathway is waiting for Saddledome demolition to take advantage of the space and create a river park that can double as a space the Stampede can use during the 10 days. A park anchor at the end of 17th Ave might actually justify the extension and be a nice compliment to Enmax Park.
Ping An International Finance Centre, 599m
4,942,650 sq ft!!

It also was 30% unoccupied in 2019. Today? who knows. Owned by its main occupant, Ping An Life Insurance. Which is a bit tricky. Investing customers' funds in an oversized office tower for yourself to boost your prestige is fine I guess.
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