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I like Bankview as well, particularly around the old Children's hospital area. For some reason security is kind of aggressive there and doesn't like people taking photos, but I sneak in a few here and there. Another great spot is 33rd Ave SW which I guess is probably Park Hill, also the top of Hillcrest Ave, and even though it's a ways out, Edworthy Park.
Thanks some good ideas so far. The viewpoints from the southwest definitely feel more surgical...not as many of those obvious Scottsman's Hill/McHugh Bluff type of places to shoot from... although because of that, the images are perhaps also more interesting.

One thing that I realize though is that I really need a zoom lens. I'm topping out at 50mm focal range on my Fuji at the moment.
At least we got most of that. Just not Oxford Tower, Eau Claire, and that one next to Shaw Tower.