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Looks nice overall imo!
It is acceptable for me. If they could improve upon the color choices, it would refined it more. It doesn't appear too cohesive with each other at present. I'll reserve my position awaiting further illustrations...
I think it is nice and a good spot to fill in. I agree about the colour choices - these days some go a bit over board with it.

The blue part is not needed and clashes with the rest of it. Just leave it out and it would be much better. Sometimes less is more.
I don't mind the colour, that part of Jasper could use some colour among all of the grey/beige/brown
April 4, 2023 EDC Minutes:

C.1 Centurion 118 Oliver Edwards- Next Architecture
Motion of Support: D. Brown Seconded: A. Zepp
The Committee supports this proposal but notes the following items could benefit from further refinement:
● Consider enhancing the rooftop public amenity areas through the addition of landscape plantings
● CPTED and street connectivity concerns with the “walled garden” approach and high plantings in the front planters, patio and amenity spaces. Patio additions (e.g., low screens, gates, enhanced surface treatments) should also be considered as part of refinement.
● Continue to work with administration regarding the public art contribution.
● Consider variation in colour for exterior cladding material on the east and north facades.
For the Motion: A. Zepp, A. Benoit, D. Brown, J. Candlish, M. Tindall, N. LaMontagne, T. Ziola, J. Mills